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A New Direction In A New Millennium

The first web design ever created by MW Web Design in the year 2000 was for a holistic healing company located in North Vancouver, BC. After this website was completed, the word soon spread and we found ourselves designing more and more websites in the Vancouver area based upon holistic healing modalities such as reiki, reflexology and others, as well as websites based upon astrology, new age and alternative health themes.

Holistic web design has become our specialty since that time. Move your mouse over the links in our holistic healing and alternative health portfolio in the right column for a preview and click on a link to visit a website design. Many more web design samples are available for viewing in our Vancouver web design portfolio.

MW Web Design Holistic Healing & Alternative Health Portfolio

Finding The Natural, Organic Way To Success

We welcome web design enquiries from practitioners of reiki, reflexology, shiatsu, yoga, therapeutic touch, angel therapy®, quantum touch, healing touch, emotional freedom technique (EFT), pranic healing, craniosacral therapy, reconnective healing®, ayurveda and ayurvedic medicine, heal your life®, chiropractic, massage therapy and all other types of holistic healing modalities.

If you are involved in the natural health and wellness fields, hypnotherapy, acupuncture or even in a traditional healthcare application, MW Web Design has the background and experience in designing websites for your line of work and can help you to create a unique and effective presence for your alternative wellness or traditional medical practice. We understand both allopathic and holistic treatment extremely well since we have been involved with them for so many years.

MW Web Design offers three different web design packages to suit the needs of any type of healing business. All of our web site design packages include search engine optimization (SEO) in the quoted price because finding your alternative health business on the Internet is just as important as the website itself. Effective SEO is something you will very seldom receive from other companies who offer lower cost, template-driven designs. This is one of the main reasons we have seen so many holistic practices come and go over the years, unable to sustain their business due to lack of visibility. Our holistic websites achieve very good visibility in organic search engine results as you will see in our search engine optimization portfolio.

For a consultation and quote, please feel free to call us by telephone or send us a message.

Holistic Web Design Portfolio

Aesthetically Appealing & Internet Savvy

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