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We looked at different blogs and all sorts of technologies but being so set in our ways, we decided to design our own blogging system. We've been Mac Specialists since 1992 and on March 19th of 1999, we officially took the beta tag off of the AppleScript-based automated workflow management system we painstakingly designed for the production department at the North Shore News. The system was called QScript (short for Quark Script). Hard to believe that was over eleven years ago.

Using this same technology (and much-improved now thanks to Mac OS X), we adapted it to our own needs and this is what we'll be working with from now on to manage our blog (we use a similar, scaled-down version to take care of the content management for two of the larger sites we look after). Our new blog is completely automated using AppleScript.

For the technically curious, we now have a palette which floats above all open windows on our Macs and on top of the Finder. The palette houses a series of buttons — one click on a specific button allows us to post new articles, delete articles, create new pages and all sorts of other goodies. It's really cool and the nicest thing about it is that it integrates seamlessly into our existing website with very little variation from the look and feel of the main pages. We're still ironing out some bugs with the article management system.

We'll be adding more functionality and features down the line including a search function along with an improved article management and archival system (the hierarchy will retain a "persistent" state and the "jumpiness" during the initial page load will be eliminated — bear with us). The feed isn't quite ready yet. This is something that's taking quite a while to sort out (it won't be operational until the CSS version of our site is complete — more on that later). At some point, we'll consider facilitating comments but we've grown really tired of form spammers so it's not a big priority at the moment.

We've migrated most of our older posts from the "old" MW Web Design Blog to the new one but some were lost in the transfer. Unfortunately, we didn't keep a backup of every single post that was deleted from the old blog — namely, our posts on search engine optimization (shame — slap our hands). We'll start this series fresh again when time permits. Our main goal for this blog is to post informative and helpful articles for our clients as well as to introduce and promote the new websites we design and update. And you'll more than likely come across an article or two on the latest "scams" and "rants" just as almost every other blog has somewhere within its content nowadays. Blogging is fun but it always has to play second fiddle to web design when we get busy designing and updating websites for our clients.

Feel free to check out our list of recently completed or updated sites in the lower right column and browse through previous blog articles in the upper, right-hand blog archive menu.

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