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No web design company is perfect and none of us have all of the answers or solutions to building the perfect website. But a well-planned, well-designed and properly-worded website is critical to the success of any business.

There are many guidelines to building websites and, as always, there will be exceptions to the rules in many cases. There is no single web design tip or guideline which is engraved in stone and there will always be variations from the norm.

We've taken the information from the design section of our previous website and condensed it into a downloadable PDF file. In this file, you'll find a number of logical and very sensible web design tips which will help almost anyone considering a new website to plan and implement a successful Internet web presence.

If you're planning on hiring someone to create a new website for your business in the near future, have a look at some of the topics we discuss in this file:

  • Make A Good First Impression
  • Can Potential Customers Find Your Website?
  • Make Sure Your Website Is Easy To Navigate
  • Keep Your Website Consistent
  • Put Useful Information On Your Website
  • Validate Your HTML Code
  • Use E-Commerce Wisely

A short excerpt from the Make A Good First Impression topic in this file:

"Think of your website as a first impression — as a resumé. How effective is your website at making a good first impression? Does your website look credible and professional enough to make your visitors want to pick up the phone and call you? Does the actual web design itself load in a reasonable and acceptable amount of time? Will your visitors be able to view the necessary information they need to know about you on the very first page of your website?"

It all boils down to pure common sense — what has worked for us over the years and what hasn't worked. If you're completely new to web design or if you're just starting out on the Internet and thinking of establishing a first-time web presence, check it out.

Download web design tips (requires Adobe Reader 9 or later).

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