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Have you ever wanted to put your face on a different body? Or put someone else's face on a different body? Maybe you'd like to see what your girlfriend looks like a hundred pounds heavier (or lighter — yikes, we're pushing our luck here) or maybe she just needs a little bit of extra "enhancement" (sorry, no offense intended!). Perhaps it would be interesting to see what your best friend looks like with no hair or maybe it would be really cool to clip someone out of a photo and place them into a different setting with some famous people or even a cartoon character in the background?

In the words of Monty Pythonand now for something completely different. Today, MW Web Design is unveiling a new, custom service called SEENery (a service which we'll be expanding upon in the main pages of our website sometime in the new year). We've actually been doing photo manipulation for years and we've been having so much fun doing it that we've finally decided to offer the service to the general public.

This photo retouching job was done for an acquaintance of ours. Just an ordinary average guy about to celebrate a very special occasion — his 65th birthday (by the way, he actually does have a full head of hair — even at the age of 65, lucky guy!):

Click on the images above for a larger view to see what our friend looks like in a "normal" scene on the left and then in his "new" surroundings on the right

Almost everyone has a digital camera these days which makes the photo manipulation process so much easier than it was ten years ago. It's absolutely hilarious to see ourselves in a different setting with a different body or different facial features. Maybe even different body "parts" or new characters in a scene that weren't there to begin with. In order to manipulate photos for you, we'll require a good selection of digital camera photos (the larger, the better). And of course, we'll need an idea of what you want us to "do" to you and/or your friend(s).

This photo manipulation job was done for another acquaintance of ours, posing for the camera on a leisurely, afternoon trip to White Rock, BC. The enhanced photo was sent to her as an "e-card" on Easter Sunday (the Easter Bunny was never actually there — we placed it into the photo digitally):

Click on the images above for a larger view to see what our friend looks like in a "normal" scene on the left and then in her "new" surroundings on the right

The possibilities for digital photo enhancement are endless! We can turn you into a movie star or put you in front of the Eiffel Tower. We've placed people's faces on cereal boxes, we've placed couples standing beside their dream cars (Porsches and Aston Martins to name a few) and we've even placed people in political debates on television!

It doesn't matter if you live in another part of the world or right here in Vancouver, photo manipulation can be performed for anyone — anywhere — anytime! If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special, you can print the finished product out on your very own color printer, frame it and give it to a family member, friend or to your partner when that special event or special day arrives.

This little guy was so excited on New Year's Eve that he actually broke a wooden spoon over the pan he was noisemaking with! He happened to be a real hockey fan with his idol being none other than Number 99, Wayne Gretzky. So we placed Wayne into the "midnight celebration" which was taking place out on the front doorstep and printed out an 8 x 10 glossy for our young friend as a gift:

Click on the images above for a larger view to see what the original image looked like on the left and then with Wayne "joining in" on the festivities on the right

Perhaps you have a special wedding anniversary coming up, a special gathering on Christmas Day or maybe you need something a little different for Valentine's Day or a special birthday celebration — we can do almost anything you can imagine when it comes to photo enhancement and photo retouching.

Here's a real nifty one we did for an 80th birthday party near Kelowna, BC. The "birthday lady" on the left poses for the camera with her husband on this very special occasion. This one really "takes the cake"! The trickiest photo manipulation job we've done to date — removing the background and finding just the "right chair":

Click on the images above for a larger view to see what the original image looked like on the left and then with the birthday lady's "slightly smaller" husband on the right

We can alter images of the funniest moments in your life or of your most serious and exciting experiences — in full color and in black and white. And aside from working with digital camera photos, we can also work with scanned images if your collection is in an old photo album, tucked away up on a shelf.

Here's one last example of "doctoring photos" for you. A classic black and white of our uncle taking a nice, long and "sound" afternoon nap on the fold-out lawn chair in his back yard. So sound, in fact, that our aunt (gazing through the window) had to call in a construction crew with a small crane to "lift" him out of his deep sleep:

Click on the images above for a larger view to see what the original image looked like on the left and then with the construction crew "waking up" our uncle on the right

We don't have a set rate for photo manipulation services but feel free to drop us a line and we'll be happy to discuss your SEENery "project" with you and send you some more examples of our work. Use your imagination, send us your ideas and let's have some serious fun!

* All images used with permission from our families and good friends. Scan of Wayne Gretzky from our collection of November 2003 "Heritage Classic" Memorabilia (yes — we're also serious hockey fans here at MW Web Design!).

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