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We had intended on launching our new website on September 6th, just in time for the back to school season, but we ran into all sorts of problems and delays. Today, we unveil MW Web Design Version 3.0 (with a ".1" update coming soon).

We actually have a second version of the site which is completely coded in CSS (no more tables) but if you want to talk about headaches, all you need to do is plant yourself down in front of an old version of Internet Explorer, grab yourself a glass of water and a bottle of Tylenol and start pulling your scalp out (that is — if you already have no hair left on the top of your head to begin with just like one of us "lucky" folks here at MW Web Design). Regardless, the code for each version 3.0 page is still less than a whopping one-fifth the size of the code for each of the pages on our previous website (yep — we were really beginning to show our old age).

So the "3.1" update is in progress — complete with IE hacks and all. For now, we were anxious to upload the new look so we opted for the "pseudo" table layout we've been so set in our ways on using for so many years. When you're as fussy as we are about keeping old browsers happy, old habits tend to die hard but all things must change sooner or later. We still see some of our previous computer service clients hanging on for dear life to their favorite old copy of Navigator 9. And ourselves, Netscape 7.2 is still in our dock for testing purposes despite the fact that it requires Rosetta in order to launch now. It's probably about time to bid farewell to IE 5.5 and IE 6, though (especially considering the scalp problem).

What a wonderful world it would be if everyone could get together and form a consortium of some sort to develop a standard once and for all. IE has stood out like a sore thumb in the browser world for so long now that it's no wonder we see more and more PC users every day running Firefox and even Safari on the Windows platform.

Being die-hard Mac users for 18 years, it's hard to sit down on a PC and browse the net using Internet Explorer. We sold, serviced and supported Macs for many years until we branched off into web design exclusively in the year 2000. And one thing we've really come to appreciate throughout all those years of using Macs is the beauty of AppleScript which now powers our new blogging system which you're looking at.

Anyway, we hope you like the new look and feel. As always, there's still plenty of things to sort out and we hope to have the CSS version ready to go as soon as the scalp heals. Enjoy!

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