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Holistic web design comes straight from the heart. It's all about creating the right "atmosphere" and the right "mood", especially from a spiritual point of view. We've been designing websites for the alternative health, holistic, fitness and wellness fields for a number of years now. And we've learned a lot about all of the different types of healing modalities along the way. Having a good understanding of these modalities allows us to get "deeper inside" of the healing arts business, helping us to come up with the right "look and feel" for your practice.

Our backgrounds at MW Web Design include one Certified Reiki Master/Teacher of ten years, a Level III Reiki Student and a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner. Each year, we participate in a number of events in the Greater Vancouver area. Events like the monthly Vancouver Reiki Exchange sponsored by the Canadian Reiki Association and the annual Vancouver Wellness Show to name a few. Thanks to events like these, we continue to learn more and more about alternative health as every year passes by.

We've recently completed a number of new websites for Vancouver Reiki Practitioners, Ontario Angel Therapy Practitioners and Vancouver Yoga Teachers. And we continue to update and maintain many other websites which deal with the healing arts. Holistic web design is our passion at MW Web Design as alternative therapy continues to become more widely accepted by the general public.

There is still a level of uncertainty, however, for some who are considering the holistic route for a particular condition, ailment or as a complementary therapy. This is why holistic practitioners need to present themselves as professionally as possible. Credibility is the keyword. We often talk about how important that first impression is on a website. And making sure people can find your holistic services through a search engine is almost as important as the website itself.

If you're an alterative health practitioner considering a new website, please feel free to visit our Vancouver Holistic Web Design portfolio and give us a call. We would love to speak with you and help you to create a long-lasting, visually-appealing and professional web presence for your practice. We'll be happy to share our experiences and thoughts with you. For many of our holistic web design clients, their business ideas simply began as a dream of earning a full-time living at doing something they love to do. Seeing that dream come true for a number of our clients has put a smile on our clients' faces and on our faces as well.

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