Go Canucks Go!


The Vancouver Canucks joined the National Hockey League in 1970. It was a sweet time for Vancouver. A sweet time for hockey fans all across Canada with one more Canadian team to cheer for*. Are we hockey fans? Yes. Us folks here at MW Web Design have been huge hockey fans ever since the sixties.

We had the pleasure of living in Edmonton for a good part of the eighties — during the Edmonton Oilers Dynasty Years when the team was led by none other than The Great One, Wayne Gretzky. Now that was some of the finest hockey we've ever watched to this day. We can still remember partying on Jasper Avenue when Edmonton won the Stanley Cup in 1984 and again in 1985 as if it were only yesterday (Calgary Flames fans, please spare us the heartache of 1986 — ouch, that hurt).

We finally bid farewell to Edmonton in 1988 and made our way out to the West Coast. The move had nothing to do with the fact that Gretzky was traded to the Los Angeles Kings that same summer (honest). We were living in a brand new city and it was time for a fresh start. Ever since that time, we've been patiently waiting for our "new team" here in Vancouver to skate around the rink holding Lord Stanley high above their heads just like so many other winning NHL teams have done over the last five decades.

Forty years after the team entered the league, it looks like we've got one of the best chances we've ever had with the exception of that one fateful night on June 14th, 1994 when the Vancouver Canucks lost to the New York Rangers in the seventh game of the Stanley Cup Final at Madison Square Gardens. That was a tough one. They should have won that night — they forced a seventh game through sheer talent and determination (Trevor Linden was actually playing with cracked ribs) but Mark Messier's determination was even stronger. There was a riot in downtown Vancouver that evening after the disappointing and heartbreaking 3 - 2 loss. It was nicknamed the Robson Riot.

This isn't an article about web design or Apple computers this time around (see — we told you quite some time ago that you'd eventually find an article about hockey somewhere in this blog!). This is just a short and sweet little post to wish the Vancouver Canucks all the success in the world during the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Unfortunately, we're facing those pesky and feisty Chicago Blackhawks again in the first round of the playoffs which begin tonight at 7:00 PM PDT. We really hoped to see the Dallas Stars come to town but last Sunday was a rather strange hockey day — thanks (not too much) to the Minnesota Wild. We can almost taste that sweet revenge against the Windy City's "thorns in our side" during round one. Eat 'em and smile, boys!

Hockey's very much like a hard drug that you just can't get enough of. Like millions of others, we're addicted to the game. We're wild Canucks fans over here on the North Shore, ready to throw the remote control through the LCD panel when the wrong team scores (almost lost a VCR in 1986 when the Oilers scored on their own net).

So with Starbucks in hand (caffeine — now there's a hard drug if we've ever seen one), we'll be watching you and cheering you on — every step of the way. With the first President's Trophy in forty years under your belt, hit 'em with your best shot. You've got everything going in your favor this year to pull off a Stanley Cup victory. It's showtime, folks...

Go Canucks Go!

* Don't get us started on the topic of the St. Louis Blues moving to Saskatoon in 1983. We actually had one of the "Saskatoon's Got The Blues" bumper stickers on our mint-condition, yellow 1962 Pontiac Parisienne at the time. Thanks for your efforts, Bill!

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