Canucks Redux


I remember just how tight-lipped Don Cherry was before game seven of the Stanley Cup Final last year. I could sense the hesitation in his voice during the pre-game commentary. He had me worried. Deep down inside, Cherry knew darned well that Boston was going to win but he did his best to be polite and show a little respect to us Vancouver fans so that our "party" wouldn't be ruined. Love him or hate him, Don Cherry is seldom ever wrong.

What a game it was (or wasn't). The Black and Gold batted the Sedin twins around like they were ragdolls. Boston pulled every dirty trick in the book. The referees called penalties as if they were collecting five-hundred dollar bonuses for every whistle blown at the Canadian underdogs. Roberto Luongo was his usual old self (couldn't stop a beachball from twenty feet away) and the Canucks lost. Having almost lost a VCR to a hockey game gone bad back in 1986, did I throw my remote control at the television? Yes, I did.

Actual un-retouched photo of my television after game seven of the the 2011 Stanley Cup Final — I missed Zdeno Chara's head by about six or seven inches

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. A Vancouver team who finished first place overall in the regular season. Winners of the coveted President's Trophy. I saw a team who was supposed to win but didn't (EA Sports with their amazing track record even predicted that the Canucks would win). And then came the absolute insanity and senselessness of the Stanley Cup Riot. An "instant replay" of the 1994 Robson Riot — but much worse.

No use crying over spilt milk. The 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs are just eleven days away and although the Canucks may not win the President's Trophy this year, they're still sitting in a decent position to take another shot at winning the cup. The Northwest Division Champions are without Daniel Sedin thanks to the antics of a Chicago Blackhawk defenceman named Duncan Keith. A sure way to win a game by taking out your opponent's best player (stand up and take a bow, Joel Quenneville). Slam and Dunk'em, Keith. If there's one team I detest even more than the Boston Bruins — it's the Chicago Blackhawks. I just hope they don't have to fly to BC and dirty up Rogers Arena once again during the 2012 playoff season.

On a lighter note, there's one thing I really do like about Boston. The Boston Bruins Ice Girls. Yum! Ashley R, my phone number's right here (geez, my wife's gonna kill me if she sees this blog). Why can't the Canucks get some of them Ice Girls? Time to give Mike Gillis a call (on second thought, I'd much rather see a Stanley Cup being hoisted up high at Rogers Arena instead of a D Cup).

Do I think the Canucks can pull it off this year? Nope. Sorry, I just don't think it's gonna happen (don't read me the wrong way here — I'll be cheering for them every step of the way). I just don't know what Vigneault was thinking when he traded Cody Hodgson to Buffalo for a player who might as well be dressed up as an empty seat come game time every night.

Just before the trade happened, I remember watching the Canucks on the power play — thinking to myself "these guys are playing so well that I think they're actually going to bring home the cup this year." After the trade was made, the entire chemistry of the team changed. One look at the stats before and after February 27th, 2012 says it all. What a mistake. If Zack Kassian could actually hit the net instead of the boards, the stats might be a little different. If you're supposed to be a Canucks tough guy, how about putting up your dukes for us so that we can see what you've got?

Exactly who plays who is still up for grabs right now. At the time of writing, it looks like we might face off with Dallas in round one which would be good news for Canucks fans. With the race so tight this year, we won't know for sure until April 7th, 2012 when all thirty NHL teams play their final, regular season game. I just hope that Daniel Sedin is back in time for the first round — here's wishing him a speedy recovery from the fans (and the hockey fanatics) at MW Web Design.

We've had snow, hail, windstorms and freezing cold weather in the Lower Mainland for the first three months of this year. So who knows — maybe we'll have our first Stanley Cup this year, too. It's time to go put on your favorite William Shatner album, party to beat sixty and say lots of prayers. Be sure to celebrate responsibly and no more rioting (I promise not to throw the remote control at our new Sharp Aquos).

Oh — and Ashley R, if you happen to be reading this, please drop us Canucks fans a line.

[Updated 04.07.12] Congratulations to the Canucks for finishing first place overall and winning their second straight President's Trophy. After Thursday night's game against Calgary, I didn't think we'd see it but with a little "help" from the New York Rangers and the St. Louis Blues, they did it again. Hats off to Luongo for playing such a superb game tonight. Bring on the Kings!

[Updated 04.22.12] This is what we live for? It'll be interesting to see who our new coach will be and who gets traded now that history has repeated itself for 41 years in a row. We're in dire need of a change and we look forward to seeing a much healthier and stronger Canucks team next season. Maybe Mike Gillis will consider a trade for Tiffany from the Kings Ice Crew. At least we'd have a "cup" (or two). At any rate, here's wishing the LA Kings a speedy loss to St. Louis in the Western Conference Semi-Final.

Anyone know of a good television repairman?

[Updated 04.25.12] Yet another update — I've waited 316 days for this one. So long, Boston. Happy golfing.

[Updated 05.22.12] If you ask me, it looks very much like the Kings will meet the Rangers in the Stanley Cup Final. After taking out yet another player tonight without getting a penalty (nice knee-job on Michal Rozsival), I can already hear Dustin Brown singing I'm a star in New York, I'm a star in LA. And how about Drew Doughty, slamming his stick around like a ten-year-old? After watching Mike Rupp punch Martin Brodeur in the head last night, it's going to be one heck of a fine series. Talk about dirty hockey (I used to wear a Kings jersey a long time ago — way back when Gretzky was the Kings' captain and the team actually had some class).

[Updated 05.27.12] Oops, make that New Jersey (so much for those hockey predictions). I was hoping to see New York in the finals because they would have given the Kings a rougher time. At any rate, this will be the last update until the 2012/2013 season — get those Devils Dancers dancin' and win cup number four.

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